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Why Visit

The conception of IWWI 2024 will be driven by our understanding of the urgent need for sustainable water and waste management solutions and the desire to create a platform that fosters international collaboration.


With the support of global and local partners, including expotec international GmbH and leading German and international associations, we are setting the stage for a landmark event that embodies our commitment to environmental excellence and innovation.

Discover Best Practices

Dive into modern water and waste management strategies that set the standard for sustainability and efficiency. Learn from best practice examples and apply these insights to your operations.


Circular Economy Insights

Explore innovative strategies for integrating circular economy principles into production processes, enhancing sustainability while boosting profitability.


Innovative Solutions Showcase

Witness the future of water and waste management with cutting-edge desalination technology, smart water systems, and more, offering efficient solutions that save time, resources, and costs.


Forge Strategic Partnerships

The exhibition is a melting pot for potential collaborations across sectors like city planning, energy, and telecoms. Expand your reach in the Middle East and Africa by connecting with key players.


Vast Market Potential

With significant investments in water infrastructure and renewable energy projects, Egypt presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses looking to enter or expand in the MENA region.


Strategic Investment Landscape

Explore investment opportunities in Egypt's rapidly growing sectors, including smart cities, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure projects, backed by national initiatives and international support.


Economic and Environmental Reforms

Witness firsthand the impact of Egypt's economic reforms and its commitment to green investments, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable development and an attractive destination for green finance.


Gateway to Africa and the Middle East

Egypt's strategic geographical location makes it a pivotal gateway for trade and investment between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Attending the exhibition provides a unique vantage point to explore Egypt's role as a regional hub for innovation and sustainable development, offering attendees a platform to engage with markets across two continents.

Trade Show
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