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Egypt is advancing its solid waste management with the new Waste Management Act, aiming to improve waste collection and recycling. The country plans to significantly expand its recycling facilities and infrastructure to tackle the challenge of managing nearly 100 million tons of waste annually. IWWI supports this initiative, encouraging global collaboration for sustainable development.

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Solid waste management emerges as a critical subsector within Egypt, highlighting the urgency and scale of environmental challenges the country faces. With rapid urbanization and economic growth, the effective management of solid waste has become a paramount concern, underscoring the need for innovative solutions and strategic planning to safeguard public health and environmental sustainability.


Current Challenges

Egypt confronts a significant hurdle in its solid waste management efforts. Despite generating 95 to 100 million tons of waste annually, only 47 million tons were collected in 2021. This discrepancy leads to a substantial amount of waste being improperly disposed of in nature or on urban streets, exacerbating environmental pollution and posing serious health risks.

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Legislative Response

In response to these pressing challenges, the Egyptian government enacted the new Waste Management Act on February 22nd, 2022. This pivotal legislation aims to curb waste accumulation and enhance recycling efforts across the nation. With 28 recycling plants currently operational, Egypt plans to double this number in the forthcoming years. Additionally, the development of nine more waste transfer stations and 20 new landfills is underway, signifying a robust commitment to fair waste disposal and the realization of a sustainable future.


Uniting for Impact

International Water Waste Infrastructure plays a crucial role in supporting Egypt's economic and environmental objectives by fostering a dynamic network of producers, suppliers, buyers, and investors. This collaborative platform not only accelerates the advancement of solid waste management practices but also opens the door for international expertise and resources to contribute to Egypt's sustainable development goals. Through collective action and shared knowledge, we can drive meaningful progress in the solid waste management sector, ensuring a cleaner, healthier future for all

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