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IWWI Expo 2023 on its second day featured a variety of perspectives in water treatment industry

The second day of the International Water Technology and Waste Treatment Expo 2023 commenced with a panel discussion titled "Localization of Desalination Industry and Technologies".

The session highlighted the significance of water desalination in Egypt's drinking water supply strategy and the Egyptian government's intent to implement an ambitious strategic plan until 2050. The first phase of the governmental program aims to enhance water supplies and meet the needs of hot zones in coastal provinces, especially in the Red Sea and Matrouh provinces, as well as the coastal and North Delta regions.

The second session addressed the issue of sewage disposal in small communities, allocating resources to improve sewage coverage in these areas with three goals: enhancing the immediate environment, ensuring ongoing cooperation among the middle class, and appeasing strategic elements of the workforce.

Sewage coverage remains low for the majority of small communities due to the relatively high cost of providing services to scattered population groups on a large scale. Generally, centralized systems may not be feasible since the costs of such infrastructure cannot be recouped from the revenues generated from users, and there is a presumed mismatch between the technical and financial capabilities available at the local level and the increasingly complex requirements of water supply systems.

The session also discussed tackling sewage challenges as crucial for development in Egypt, especially in rural and smaller areas, necessitating a focus on innovative sewage treatment in small communities. It presented technologies that offer sustainable solutions for decentralized sewage, highlighting effective, environmentally friendly systems suitable for all, reducing pollution, protecting public health, and promoting environmental conservation.

The third session of the day discussed sludge management for the sustainable use of resources, converging views on Egypt's primary investment focus on providing infrastructure services related to sewage. It explored how to benefit from sludge, as managing and disposing of sewage sludge is a primary issue towards the sustainability of the drinking water and sewage sector in Egypt.

The session concluded that effective sludge management is an important aspect of sewage treatment due to the importance of proper sludge handling and disposal, energy generation, and the potential to transform sludge into a valuable resource that supports the principles of a circular economy and contributes to achieving Egypt's sustainable development goals.

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