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The Egyptian water and wastewater sector is a field of constant and growing investments. Expansion and renewal offer business opportunities for international companies. The design & construction of plants or supply pumps, filters, turbines, valves, controls, and other equipment and especially the ongoing expansion of seawater desalination are most promising sectors for foreign suppliers.

Fixing a Pipe



The Egyptian water and wastewater sector stands as a pivotal area for both national development and international collaboration. With a landscape characterized by robust investment flows, this sector not only underpins the country’s economic growth but also presents a wealth of opportunities for global partners. From the design and construction of cutting-edge facilities to the supply of essential equipment such as pumps, filters, turbines, and valves, the field is ripe for innovation. Particularly noteworthy is the sector's push towards seawater desalination, highlighting a forward-thinking approach to resource management.


Challenges & Solutions

Egypt faces significant water-related challenges, primarily driven by its high population growth rate of 2.5% and the geopolitical complexities of water source control, with 97% of its water originating beyond its borders. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) adds a layer of complexity, emphasizing the need for strategic water management. In response, the Egyptian government is spearheading a series of ambitious projects aimed at enhancing water reuse and bolstering seawater desalination capabilities, especially in coastal regions. Initiatives led by the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) target an increase in desalination capacity to 2.6 million cubic meters by 2037, with a focus on the Mediterranean Sea and Sinai Peninsula.



Investment Opportunities

The drive to modernize and expand Egypt’s water infrastructure opens up a spectrum of investment opportunities. Key areas of focus include wastewater treatment, the expansion of sewerage systems, agricultural irrigation, and the construction of small dams for rainwater collection. With an estimated investment volume of approximately 50 billion USD by 2037, the sector stands as a testament to Egypt’s commitment to sustainable water resource management. This ambitious endeavor not only aims to address the immediate challenges of water scarcity but also to lay the groundwork for resilient economic growth. Through "International Water Waste Infrastructure", we bridge the gap between producers, suppliers, buyers, and investors, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that supports Egypt’s developmental goals.


Joining Forces

The Egyptian water and wastewater sector is not just an area of need but a beacon of opportunity for global innovation and partnership. As Egypt embarks on this journey towards water security and sustainability, the role of international companies, investors, and experts becomes increasingly pivotal. Participation in this sector offers a unique chance to be at the forefront of addressing one of the most critical challenges of our time—water scarcity.


Product Categories

  • ​Sewage Water Technology

  • Tubes

  • Valves and Fittings

  • Water Extraction

  • Water Supply

  • Water Technology

  • Water Treatment

  • Drainage

  • Drilling Technology

  • Environment

  • Installation Material

  • Jointing Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Pumps

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